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Lumber Mill And Supply Operation For Sale

High quality secured supply of Northern Red Oak, Hard Maple and White Pine with opportunity to expand existing business into specialty wood markets. Excellent access to major markets in eastern Canada and Northern U.S. through close proximity to major trucking routs and rail service.
Consistent quality supply of timber from local eastern Ontario and West Quebec markets. Business re-start last year operating at 20% capacity of current infrastructure in 2014. 80% growth potential to reach maximum capacity of existing physical plant.

Ontario offers a cradle of hardwood timber as there are very few operating mills still in existence. The hardwood lumber industry has seen a resurgence in recent years and the outlook is favorable for future growth.

Real Estate:The price include Real Property

Lanark Village, Ontario is a 45 minute drive to the 4th largest city in Canada- population approx. 1,000,000.
20 minutes will put you on a major 4 lane highway system. More people- more demand for specialty items. Also- located in substantial “cottage country” where building updates are ongoing.

Premises details:
Operating lumber manufacturing facility on 30 acres prime land in Southeastern Ontario. High quality wood supply specializing in Northern Red Oak. Also producing other Northern hardwoods and Eastern White Pine. Modern, 7000 sq. foot plant using 3 phase 600V electric power. Proximity to major city adds potential for value added retail market. Existing wholesale market for all products. Opportunity to develop niche product/market. Volume capacity up to 5 million FBM/annum.

Shares in an SFL Company that translates into a secured timber license on Government property of 12900 acres of land

Several existing private wood contracts

Competition / Market:
Opportunity to acquire more wood supply, locally. Many local sawmills have gone out of business over the past 10-15 years. Some private wood is flowing to Quebec but local landowners/loggers would prefer a closer market for their product due to transportation costs, etc.