Established Swimming Pool Cleaning Franchise For Sale (N° 1143)

14436 vues   Orihuela Costa, Alicante , Spain

We are the largest swimming pool maintenance and repair company on the Costa Blanca South, Alicante region in Spain. We are well-established in the industry with over 10 years of experience and currently have 9 swimming pool cleaning rounds, covering coastal and inland areas, and 2 established shops in the area.

The swimming pool round available for franchise already exists, with 50 existing contracted customers, so you start earning money straight away (after training)

Because the customers already exist, this franchise opportunity gives you a guaranteed income, a minimum of 3250,00€ per month gross profit, from day 1 of working!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, see below how we have figured it out……

We have various package prices for pool maintenance, the cheapest being 65€ per month, this is to clean a pool once a week. But many of our customers, and communities, pay much more, as they require more cleans per week, especially in the summer months. So, the below equations are based on the absolute minimum amount received on one round. In reality, the price of the round is larger, as no one round has all the customers paying 65€ a month, they have a mixture of payments. But to make things less complicated and fair, we have based the franchise price of all customers paying 65 euros per month.

Here is how we have worked out your gross profit…….

50 customers x paying 65€ per month = gross income 3250.00€ per month

3250€ per month x 12 months = annual gross income of 39,000€

39,000€ / 52 weeks of the year = 750.00€ gross wage per week

Please be aware and remember, the above prices are based on an absolute minimum, in reality the amounts will be higher.

What do we offer you as a franchisee?

As already explained above, we give you a guaranteed income as customers already exist - minimum of 3250€ per month. But what do we offer you as a franchisor? see below for more info…

*Never cleaned a pool before? no problem, full training is given

*Don't speak Spanish? no problem, 100% of customer are / speak English

*Start-up cleaning equipment provided FOC

*Van Sign writing and initial work wear provided FOC (Van not provided)

*Opportunities to earn more money, with commissions* available on repair works generated

*Opportunity to purchase more customers, increasing your round and its revenue

*Introduction to an English-speaking accountant to arrange getting started as self-employed

*Work with a great team of people, who will help you all the way

*A legally signed franchise agreement

We Have 3 Franchise Opportunities Available

P1 – 156,000 € 

P2 – 99,500 € 

P3 – 60,500 €

P2 is the most popular franchise we offer, the information on the 3 franchises available is quite in-depth, and there is too much writing for this advertisement page, so please contact us and we will send to you an information pack on email with all the details on the 3 franchise packages, how their prices are worked out, and more info about us as a company and the round available for franchise.

Want to earn more money?...

Commissions and Repair Work

Part of the franchise opportunity does not require you to repair pools, but if one of your pools needs a repair, that you discover, and you inform The Pool People to quote, and we get the work, then you will receive a 10% commission on the total price of the job, before IVA (VAT).


If you are handy and would like to do the repair work yourself, then this is an opportunity for you to vastly increase your turnover, and in-turn we would receive a 10% admin fee.

We are a friendly, happy company with great, long standing team members, loyal customers and we all work in the sun! how much better can it be?! Look forward to hearing from you